#23 Made in the USA Vol.3

Hey all!

Here’s my new selection of American-made goods.

Hope you like it!

Click on the pictures or the brand name to access the websites.

Artifact Bag Co. , Omaha, NE

No. 215 - Khaki Lunch Tote

CXXVI, New York City, NY

Gitman Brothers, Ashland, PA

Bexar Goods Co. , Bexar County, TX

Cavalier Essentials, New York City, NY

Original Leather Belt

#11 Fashion illustration Vol.1

Fashion illustration! One of the many gifts I’d like to have.

So, instead of showing you my childlike scribbles, I thought it would be better to show you the work of these amazing artists.


Bernadette Pascua

Flare Magazine, May 2011

Tiffany and Co, July 2011

Miu Miu, Fall 2011

Valentino, Spring 2012

David Downton

Vogue Autralia, September 2009


Sarah Hankinson


Kelly Smith


Sandra Suy


Caroline Andrieu

#9 Made in France Vol.2

With the upcoming presidential elections in France, politicians (while driving German cars) feel the need to say how important it is to buy French made products to save our (quickly decaying) economy.

As I can’t buy trains, nuclear power plants, or even a car yet, i’m going to focus on (relatively) more  affordable items such as clothes, shoes, bag etc. Quite fitting as it is the main focus of this blog.

Here is my selection.

Click on the brand name for the official website.

Click on the product to buy it.

Bérangère Claire

Adeline Affre



ST Jeweller

Image of "Barbed wire" ring, (massive silver, argent massif)

La Botte Gardiane

#5 (capsule) New York

Brands, in order to gain exposure and find new stockists regularly attend tradeshows.

One of the best in the United States when it comes to clothing and accessories is (capsule).

There are also (capsule) tradeshows in Las Vegas, Berlin and Paris, which I will review later.

As I am not part of this industry (yet), and I do not live in NYC, the only way for people like me to get an insight of what’s going on in the business is to review each of the brands thanks to their websites (when they have one).

Of course, being able to see everything in a single place, talk to the designers, touch the products would be way better, but, hey, you have to do with the means at hand.

Here are my ten favorites, in no particular order.

Click on the picture to access the stockists websites.

Click on the brands names to access their official websites.

milleneufcentquatrevingtquatre, FRANCE

Monsieur Lacenaire, FRANCE

Will Leather Goods, Oregon, USA

Marie Turnor, California, USA


Dieterle, Germany


Femme d’armes, USA


Sandqvist, SWEDEN


R.C.P., Washington DC, USA

Brett Gingham Bow Tie

Hudson Shoes, UK

Gabriela Artigas, MEXICO


#4 Made in the USA Vol. 1

Hey all!

I present you today with some great products made in the USA.

Indeed, we all know about the famous brands that built the United States reputation when it comes to clothing and accessories such as Ralph Lauren, Zac Posen, DKNY, J Crew etc.

But what about the lesser known, the ones that rarely grace, if ever, the pages of our magazines?

Well, they exist, and they are very good.

I made a selection of clothes and accessories Made in the USA.

Hope you like it, and tell me if you know other!

Click on the pictures to access the websites.




Satomi Kawakita, New York City, NY

Forest Bound, Boston, MA

EmersonMade, New York City, NY

Emily Eibel + Ilana Kohn, Brooklyn, New York City, NY

Baldwin Denim, Leawood, KS

Brulee, New York City, NY

Nishi, New York City, NY

blank ID bracelet in sterling silver

#3 Fantasy shoe closet

I think we all have materialistic fantasies (no, you’re not above the masses).

As far as I’m concerned, shoes are a great part of them.

Check this selection out and tell me what your fantasy shoe closet looks like.

Click on the pictures to access the websites.

Pierre Hardy

Isabel Marant 

Isabel Marrant

Pierre Hardy


Tory Burch

Finsk (because I really want to know what it feels like in them!)