#51 Made in the USA Vol.7

It seems I’m a little obsessed with bags and leather goods, probably half of my “Made in the USA” series being about these items. Anyway, today I’m presenting you with Joshu + Vela, a young San Francisco based brand which manufactures bags and other small leather items. Each piece is custom made, the canvas and leather are dosmetically sourced, vintage sewing machines are used.

Cause that’s the way they roll.

Joshu + Vela products can be found in the USA (duh.), Germany and Taiwan.

Now dear reader, please behold.

Image of Natural A Tote

Image of XL Boat Tote


#48 Made in the USA Vol.6

Bexar Goods Co. is brand based in San Antonio, TX which manufactures (great) bags and accessories. I already mentionned it here in my third volume about American made products but I felt I should focus even more on their products and their history.

The Bexar Goods Co. team is composed of three members of the same family (a geologist, a designer and a mountaineer) who basically decided to come together to hand craft goods that will probably last longer than you.

They use leather from one of the older tanneries in the USA, Horween leather based in Chicago, which I (unfortunatelly) did not have the time to visit when I was there, and canvas from one of the oldest textile supplier in the USA.

Now, enough with the chitchat.

And as a bonus, a great video about the making of their waxes canvas carry!

#47 Made in the USA Vol.5

Corter Leather is a one man operation based in Boston, Massachussetts whose products I cannot wait to put my hands! It was founded a few years ago by a then college student, Eric Heins, and despite the fact that it’s so small, it gained attention from several influential blogs and websites including Well Spent, Uncrate, Cool Material, Hypebeast, and Selectism.

Here are a few of their products.

Here is a geat video about Corter Leather’s project to raise money for relief effort in Japan (the video is a year old).


#42 Made in the USA Vol.4

I’ll keep doing my “Made in…” series, but I am now going to talk more about the brands and how the products are made (when I can). So far, I’ve been just showing great products but I don’t think it’s enough. Also, I’m going to expand my series to other countries like England, Scotland, Canada, Italy, New Zealand…

I am currently living in a small coastal city in North Carolina so I’m going to start by presenting Raleigh Denim, which as the name suggests, is based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

This is a very cool video about their history and how their jeans are made. Can’t wait to be able to afford those!

They make limited edition jeans (each pair has a number and is signed) and they use denim from Cone Mills White Oak plant, one of the oldest denim supplier in the world.

Here is the Madison Raw high waited, which you can buy on Richmond, VA based shop Need Supply.

Madison Raw High Waisted

#23 Made in the USA Vol.3

Hey all!

Here’s my new selection of American-made goods.

Hope you like it!

Click on the pictures or the brand name to access the websites.

Artifact Bag Co. , Omaha, NE

No. 215 - Khaki Lunch Tote

CXXVI, New York City, NY

Gitman Brothers, Ashland, PA

Bexar Goods Co. , Bexar County, TX

Cavalier Essentials, New York City, NY

Original Leather Belt

#7 Made in the USA Vol.2

Hey all!

Here’s my new selection of American-made goods.

Hope you like it!

Click on the pictures or the brand name to access the websites.

Kiel James Patrick, Cranston, RI


Franck Clegg Leatherworks, Fall River, MA


Pendleton, Pendleton, OR   (It’s a blanket)

Pendleton Merino Wool Blanket

Fail Jewelry, Austin, TX

Leather and Brass Women's Cuff, "Jessi," fail CANOE

Winter Sessions, Chicago, IL



#4 Made in the USA Vol. 1

Hey all!

I present you today with some great products made in the USA.

Indeed, we all know about the famous brands that built the United States reputation when it comes to clothing and accessories such as Ralph Lauren, Zac Posen, DKNY, J Crew etc.

But what about the lesser known, the ones that rarely grace, if ever, the pages of our magazines?

Well, they exist, and they are very good.

I made a selection of clothes and accessories Made in the USA.

Hope you like it, and tell me if you know other!

Click on the pictures to access the websites.




Satomi Kawakita, New York City, NY

Forest Bound, Boston, MA

EmersonMade, New York City, NY

Emily Eibel + Ilana Kohn, Brooklyn, New York City, NY

Baldwin Denim, Leawood, KS

Brulee, New York City, NY

Nishi, New York City, NY

blank ID bracelet in sterling silver