#52 Made in France Vol.6

Hey there, long time no see.

Here’s my volume number 6 about the great things we surprisingly still make in my country.

Maurice & moi (Maurice and me) is a Marseille based company which manufactures shoes in Mauléon-Licharre and May-sur-Evre (I have no idea where those places are either, just Google it). It was founded a couple years ago by two friends who decided to launch their brand while they were still in business school (fairly inspiring for me). Apart from the fact that they modernize typically French designs such as the espadrilles, without a “made in China” tag on them, the interesting thing is that they give 10% of their profits to micro-entrepreneurs worldwide (see Babyloan). A nice way to join the useful to the pleasant.

They do not indicate their stockists yet, but it should be online soon.


#49 Made in France Vol.5

Trémoulière is a young French brand that has the particularity of manufacturing its products in France, hence its place in my “made in France” series. They use materials mostly sourced from France, but also in Great Britain and Italy.

Inspired by the 60’s and 70’s when fashion was made indistinctly for both men and women, Trémoulière’s accessories would suit anyone. Indeed, in addition to the impeccable craftsmanship, the sleek designs are to be admired.

In short, if you are French like me, be stylish, be patriotic, buy Trémoulière.

If you are not, well, you are welcome to support our ever declining manufacturing industry, and be stylish at the same time.

Trémoulière products can be found in France, Italy, Japan, China and online, at Vestiaire Collective, StudioHomme and la Belle Echope.

Now dear reader(s), please behold.

#24 Made in France Vol.4

Here are the great things made back home. Hope you like and buy them.

And usually there is a 19.6% discount for those of us leaving outside of the European Union.

As usual, click on the brand name for the official website, on  the picture to buy the products.

Julie Thevenot

Silk scarf


Le Minor, Brittany


Le Chatelard 1802 for La Belle Echoppe

Savon La belle échoppe


Royal Blue Zooey Duffle Bag

And of course, le béret.

Blancq-Olibet, Baudreix, near Pau

Navy Blue Beret

#9 Made in France Vol.2

With the upcoming presidential elections in France, politicians (while driving German cars) feel the need to say how important it is to buy French made products to save our (quickly decaying) economy.

As I can’t buy trains, nuclear power plants, or even a car yet, i’m going to focus on (relatively) more  affordable items such as clothes, shoes, bag etc. Quite fitting as it is the main focus of this blog.

Here is my selection.

Click on the brand name for the official website.

Click on the product to buy it.

Bérangère Claire

Adeline Affre



ST Jeweller

Image of "Barbed wire" ring, (massive silver, argent massif)

La Botte Gardiane

#6 Made in France Vol. 1


Today, I made the first post of a (long, I hope) series of “Made in…” posts.

I started with the United States because that’s where I live, and I was inspired by the products I found, while wandering  endlessly on  the internet.

The following brands and products are exclusively French and French-made, and middle to high-end range.

When I was in Paris, I went to several Pop up stores such as Hôtel Bohème, Le Salon des jeunes créateurs… , where I discovered fresh brands with great products trying to get their names out there.

I bought quite a few things, especially when you know that at pop up stores, prices are discounted (at least, where I went).

Here is my selection and a quick summary of the brand. Tell me what you think!

Click on the pictures to access the e-shops.

Click on the brand name to access its official site.

 Nat&Nin Paris 

Méryl Bag

(This my bag, but mine is dark brown!)

Rondini, Saint-Tropez 

Salomé in Naturel

Noot, Paris

Silver knot ring (which I own too!)

Lilly Lilla, Paris

Petite Pochette, Velvet Underground series

(I own a bigger version, in a navyish-grayish shade)

Bleu de Chauffe, Paris

Sac Plombier Jules

Sac Plombier Jules - Pain Brulé