#42 Made in the USA Vol.4

I’ll keep doing my “Made in…” series, but I am now going to talk more about the brands and how the products are made (when I can). So far, I’ve been just showing great products but I don’t think it’s enough. Also, I’m going to expand my series to other countries like England, Scotland, Canada, Italy, New Zealand…

I am currently living in a small coastal city in North Carolina so I’m going to start by presenting Raleigh Denim, which as the name suggests, is based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

This is a very cool video about their history and how their jeans are made. Can’t wait to be able to afford those!

They make limited edition jeans (each pair has a number and is signed) and they use denim from Cone Mills White Oak plant, one of the oldest denim supplier in the world.

Here is the Madison Raw high waited, which you can buy on Richmond, VA based shop Need Supply.

Madison Raw High Waisted


2 thoughts on “#42 Made in the USA Vol.4

  1. Great post, so informative! I’ve known of the Raleigh Denim brand for years but never knew of their history and how they work, so it’s good to be able to have an insight into the brand. Such a great blog, I’m following! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment! Inviting you to follow on FB, bloglovin’, Twitter and Tumblr! I’m following you too 🙂 xxx


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