#2 Cool stuff on Etsy? Yes.

Etsy is one of the most popular e-commerce website.

At the same time, the same criticism is made about it, over and over again. Great things are hard to find and they are drowned is a sea of mediocrity, “whimsical”ness, and plain ugly stuff.

If you don’t believe me go there.

I’ve been rummaging endlessly for great finds, and here they are, our great Artisans.

Click on the pictures to access the websites.

Vintage TRANSALANTIC Map Pillow, Made to Order 18 x 18 Cover, Linen Blend

Rushmore Pencils (Set of 18)

Everyday Traveler Bag in Sienna Brown MADE TO ORDER Handmade Leather Bags by Rib & Hull on etsy

Herkimer Diamond Gold Hoop Earrings

Galaxy Nebula Print Silk "Pillar of Stars" Cosmic Square Scarf

SUCRE rope bracelet // mustard

What do you think?


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